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    2017 Music Scholarship Winner

    Music Scholarship Winner 2017, Zeke Cameron with Australia Day Ambassador Graham Ross


    More details: http://www.umlionsclub.org.au

  • Photograph Collection from Changeover 2016

    Photographs from 26th June 2016 Changeover Lunch. Click the link


    More details: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lb3dg0qing1r0rc/AABSKEbbExVkZtpV-4bml1g1a?dl=0

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    Awards at Changeover 2016

    Congratulations to all the received rewards at Changeover 2016.


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    Ava del Tufo wins again!!!

    Ava del Tufo has won the Lions District Youth of the Year competition held in Goulburn on the 10th April. She is now off to Raymond Terrace on the 23rd April for the State Finals. Congratulations Ava, all the best for the next Final. The National Final will be held at Echuca at the National Convention


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    Emerging Lions Leadership Institute (ELLI) - Brisbane 2016

    Congratulations to Gwen Rava, Pamela Watt and Grant Charsley who were chosen to attend the ELLI, held in Brisbane in April 2016. Hope we have lots of success from the course


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    Youth of the Year 2016 - District Finals

    Congratulations go to Ava del Tufo who has walked off as the Winner of the Youth of the Year, District Finals. Ava will go on to the State Finals. We wish you all the best Ava

  • Congratulations to the New Board

    Congratulations to those elected to sit on the incoming board for 2016-2017.

    The following will make up the Board for the 2016-2017 year

    Board Positions
    President: Allan McDonald
    Immediate Past President: Allan McDonald
    Secretary: Grant Charsley
    Treasurer: Allan Green
    1st VP: Pam Watt
    2nd VP: John Dolphin
    3rd VP: Gwen Rava
    1 Year Directors: Margaret Tenkate, John Dolphin
    2 Year Directors: Colleen Green, Cheryl Schultz
    Membership Chairman: Norman Smith
    Tail Twister*: Brian Thompson
    Lion Tamer*: Margaret Whitmore

    Non-Board Positions
    Assistant Secretary: Pam Watt
    Assistant Treasurer: Ann McDonald
    Bulletin Editor: Grant Charsley

    Membership Committee
    Vice Chairman: Allison Clarke
    Member: Colleen Green

    * - Optional Board Positions


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    Finalists of Music Scholarship 2016

    The top three from the Music Scholarship 2016, Megan White, Brea Holland and Zeke Cameron.

    Brea took our first place and $2,000, with Zeke Cameron, in second, taking home $1000, and Megan White, in third, walking away with $500.


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    Music Scholarship Finals

    The finals of the Milton Ulladulla Times / Ulladulla Milton Lions Club Music Scholarship, held on 20th February 2016 at Ulladulla High School. Congratulations to all entrants, lots of talent, great job


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    Service Pins Issued

    Several people were issued with their service pins for years of service ranging from 1 year to 34 years. Congratulations to all


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    Defribillator Donated

    Pam Burridge gets much needed defibrillator which will travel everywhere with her in her van.


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    Youth of the Year 2015 - Club Level Winner

    Congratulations to Ava Del Tufo for winning the Club Level Judging of the Youth of the Year Quest for 2015. Ava is pictured here with Lions President Allan McDonald


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    Lions Youth of the Year 2015 - Club Level Judging

    The Club Level Judging was held at the Dunn Lewis Centre in Ulladulla. Pictured are the Judges (Sylvia Franklin, Kayleen Law & Allan Baptist (right)), Lions President Allan McDonald, runner-up Kody Geraghty, and winner Ava Del Tufo - [In order from left to right, Sylvia Franklin, Allan McDonald, Kayleen Law, Kody Geraghty, Ava Del Tufo, and Allan Baptist]


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    Lions Youth of the Year - Club Level 2015

    The Youth of the Year winner from 2014, David Robertson, talks about his trip overseas to LIYSF


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    Welcome to the new Board for 2015-16

    Welcome to the new Board for 2015-2016. From left to right: President Allan McDonald, 2 Year Director John Dolphin, Lion Tamer Alison Farnham, Treasurer Allan Green, 2 Year Director Margaret Tenkate, 3rd VP Mark Gillespie, 1 Year Director Gwen Rava, Tail Twister Brian Thompson, 1 Year Director Allison Clarke, 2nd VP Bob Goodwin, Membership Chairman Norman Smith, Secretary Grant Charsley; Absent 1st VP Joy Halstead


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    Flag Talk

    Bob Goodwin gave us an interesting talk on the flag. The flag shown is from Panama

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    Talk about something interesting!

    Alison Farnham shows us something interesting at the first June dinner meeting of 2015. She spoke about her embroidery, which in this piece is made from various gold materials. Well done, great talk

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    Manildra Banner

    Brian Thompson hands over the Manildra Banner to the UMLC

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    All about milk!!

    Peter Shadwell gave us a wonderful talk on where milk comes from. He covered from the calf to the cow and everything in between. Thanks Peter

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    Service Badges

    Congratulations to all who got service badges at the first June dinner meeting of 2015.

    Presented by President Allan McDonald
    Ann McDonald was presented with her 16 year badge
    Brian Thompson was presented with his 12 year badge
    Alison Farnham was presented with her 7 year badge
    Anita Galea was presented with her 2 year badge

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    Dinner Meeting 20th May 2015

    We had a great, cosy dinner meeting on the 20th May. Run by the 1st VP Grant Charsley, we saw Lion Sue Clark give a short talk on her life, and Lion Margaret Whitmore give a talk on the flag shown in the picture. Do you know where it's from??

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    New member

    The UMLC wishes to welcome on board Pamela Watts. Hope you enjoy your time with the Lions organisation. [Pictured is the Membership Chairman Brain Thompson, Pamela Watts, her partner Meredith, and Pam's sponsor, club secretary Tracy Gillespie]

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    Flag Talk

    This last dinner meeting we had Allan Green talking about the flag of Zambia and Zambia itself. Zambia is located north of Zimbabwe, which itself is north of South Africa ...

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    Shellharbour Lions Club new Charter

    Allan McDonald, Alison Clarke, Gwen Rava and Margaret Tenkate attended the Chartering of the new Lions Club of Shellharbour on Sunday 22 February.

    Alison, Gwen and Margaret told us all about it at our dinner meeting on 4/3/2015.

    "The Chartering of any new Lions Club is always a cause for celebration but for the Lions Club of Shellharbour it is especially so as we are, in a sense, being ‘reborn’.

    The original Shellharbour Lions Club was chartered on 21 April 1961and was very active in the local community until 1987 when it ceased operation. The Club played a leading role in establishing the Mount Warrigal Nursing Home (now Warrigal Care). A number of the Club members were Board Members of the Nursing Home. The original club was also involved in establishing the Blue Haven aged care facility in Kiama.

    We are delighted that Norm Rowland, one of the original Shellharbour Lions Club charter members has consented to becoming our Club’s Patron."

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    Nurses Scholarship

    $5,000 donated to Karin Mayer to further her education. Congratulations Karin

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    New pins

    New pins for another year's service. Congratulations

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    Debating - "Should school attendance be compulsory?" Ava del Tufo returns with a team or two to debate a serious question

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    Australia Day new citizens

    Welcoming our new citizens, David Del Tufo & Lauren Woods are Mayor Joanna Gash and Lions President Allan McDonald

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    Australia Day Markets, Times Youth Music Scholarship Winners

    We had some amazing talent enter the Times Youth Music Scholarship Competition. Here's the winners of the day. Congratulations to all who entered. Winner: Caitlin Bonser, Second Place: Zeke Cameron, Third Place: Brea Holland

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    Australia Day Vintage Car Display

    Many vintage cars were on display at the Australia Day Markets, Mollymook. This one caught my eye though, the original mobile home.

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    Australia Day 2015

    We had a very successful day at the Australia Day, Mollymook Markets 2015 this year. The weather turned out to be cool without rain. People came out in their masses to see what was on show. The day was organised by Alison Farnham with Woolworths the sponsors. It was a great day for all ...

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    UMLC holds it Christmas Party dinner

    The last meeting of the year for the UMLC was held on 3/12/2014. Everyone was requested to dress for the season, and a little fun was had too. The next dinner meeting will be held on the 3/2/2015. UMLC wishes their members a Happy Christmas and all the best of health for the new year.

    Congratulations to those member who have added another year to their service for the Lions.

    Also, congratulations to Breharne Alzoubi for becoming our latest member.

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    The Bishop comes to town

    The Ulladulla Milton Lions Club welcomed the 2nd VICE DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Sharon Bishop & her partner Tim to our Wednesday dinner on 19th November 2014. Lion Secretary Marie-Anne Watson from Jervis Bay also attended the meeting

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    Junior State Debating Championships 2014

    Ulladulla Milton Lions is proud to sponsor Ava Del Tufo in her quest for a place in the top 5 debaters in NSW. Ava is off to Sydney to take part in the Junior State Debating Championships from 1st to 3rd December, to be held at the Women’s College at the University of Sydney. We wish you the best of debating Ava

    More details: https://www.artsunit.nsw.edu.au/speaking-competitions/debating/junior-state-debating-championships-0

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    RFS Central Catering gets Donation

    Roy Cullen of the RFS Central Catering accepts a donation of $1,750 from President Allan McDonald of the Ulladulla Milton Lions Club

  • CEP Results

    Results of the CEP are in an we will be looking at the suggestions in order to make our club stronger and happier. Remember though, we cannot make all the people happy all the time. It also takes your help to make this work. Well done everybody

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    Youth of the Year 2014

    Wednesday 17 September saw the Club finals of the Lions Club Youth of the Year (YOTY) Competition, now in its 50th Year. Finalists were Jacob Williams (Ulladulla High School), David Robertson (Ulladulla High School), Anna-Lee Hodalj (Shoalhaven Anglican School), Danielle Woszatka (Shoalhaven Anglican School) and Charlie Guerit (Shoalhaven Anglican School). Thanks to the judges, Karen Bashford, Simon Law and Sylvia Frankland.

    The Youth of the Year Quest aims to select an outstanding young individual to be an ambassador for his/her country and to travel overseas under the auspices of Lions International. This is a prestigious event for young people, which boasts many high profile Australians amongst the ranks of former entrants. These include: Kevin Rudd; Peter Beattie, past premier of Queensland; the ABC’s Sabra Lane and Senator Simon Birmingham.
    The presentations given by these students were outstanding, and judging proved to be difficult, with the results being very close. After hearing answers from the contestants to two impromptu questions, as well as a prepared speech the judges came to their decisions.

    Congratulations to David Robertson (Ulladulla High School) who was awarded the YOTY Public Speaking Award, as well as Club YOTY Award. He will now go on to represent the region at the district level.

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    Hope in a Boat passes through Ulladulla

    21/8/2014 the "Hope in a Boat" crew passed through Ulladulla on their long way home. Hope in a Boat is raising money for Diabetes WA who are hoping for a cure for Diabetes ... Good Luck

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hope-in-a-Boat/599991410084173

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    Youth Exchange August 2014

    We were honoured to have two German Youth Exchange students come visit us in Ulladulla. They had a wonderful time here, seeing whales, dolphins, seals and apparently even penguins. Hope to see you back again sometime.

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    Farewell to two of our top members, Greg Best who is leaving us for Wollongong, and Matt Adams who is leaving us for the Gold Coast. We wish you both all the best in your new adventures. Stay in touch

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    Our Latest Outward Bound Students

    Congratulations to our two latest Outward Bound students Darcy Forrester Sach & Ava Del Tufo

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    Welcome to the new Board Members

    The Ulladulla-Milton Lions Club had held their Changeover Luncheon to welcome the new board members. Not only did we welcome the new Lions Board, but also the new MUDPride board and LEOs Board members. Congratulations to everyone elected to their positions, and good luck for the year ahead.

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    Outward Bound

    Congratulations to our Outward Bound Students, it was great listening to your stories

  • Welcome the new board members for 2014-2015

    The Ulladulla Milton Lions Club is proud to announce the new board for 2014-2015.

    President - Allan McDonald

    Immediate Past President - Brian Thompson

    Secretary - Tracey Gillespie

    Treasurer - Matt Adams

    1st VP - Grant Charsley

    2nd VP - Allan Green

    3rd VP - Mark Gillespie

    1 Year Directors - Joy Halstead, Norm Smith

    2 Year Directors - Lyn Cockerill, Gwen Rava

    Membership Chairman - Brian Thompson

    Tail Twister - Brian Thompson

    Lion Tamer - Margaret Gerritsen

    Non-board positions

    Assistant Secretary - Michael & Chris Hollott

    Assistant Treasurer - Ann McDonald

    Bulletin Editor - Trish Karaboikis

    Membership Vice Chairman - Allison Clarke

    Committee Member - Colleen Green

    Congratulations to all the incoming board members, all the best for the year ahead

  • Volunteers Wanted

    Volunteers are urgently needed to work in the vans and on the merry-go-round. Please contact the club secretary to volunteer your assistance. Remember this is a volunteer organisation, and we need everyone to pull their weight and help out. Thanks

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